Frequently Asked Questions

NetSoft Money is an electronic payment system that allows its users to make online transactions from their mobile money accounts. The system allow users to transfer money from a mobile money account to NetSoft Money account. Users can use funds available on their NetSoft Money account to make online transactions.
NetSoft Money accepts transactions from Airtel Money and TNM Mpamba mobile money.
A deposit is a process of transferring money from user's mobile money account to their NetSoft Money account.
To make a deposit, make sure you have a NetSoft Money personal account. Once you create a personal account on NetSoft Money, for Airtel Money, you can send money from your mobile money account to +265996260087. For TNM Mpamba, you can send from your TNM mobile money account to +265880761570 Your transaction will be processed within a few seconds and funds will reflect on your NetSoft Money account.
Their are no fees charged by NetSoft Money for making a deposit to your account other than mobile money transaction fees
To check your transactions, first you must login. Then choose deposits to see each transaction you have made. To see a list of things you have purchased, click on withdrawal. If you are a merchant, click on transactions.
A transaction takes a few seconds, but sometimes it can take a few minutes. If a transaction takes longer, please contact our customer care for assistance
Please try to use password recovery to reset your password. You will have a sequence of steps to follow. If you fail to retrieve your password, please call our customer care. For retrieving a secret code, please call our customer care.
Please contact our customer care to reverse a transaction
For each phone number you have, you can setup an account. There can only be one personal and merchant account for each phone number. That is, you can use the same phone number for a merchant and personal accounts but you have to create the accounts separately
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